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Meet Jannat

Five years ago, Jannat arrived at the For Kids’ Sake (FKS) Ibrahimpur Orphanage as a scared little girl. She lived through circumstances that no child should have to face. 


At just eight years old, Jannat didn’t know if she would have even one meal each day. She couldn’t see a doctor when she was sick, and she could rarely attend school. She lived in a world of constant instability, and every day was about survival. 


Jannat’s mother suffered from a debilitating illness, and she couldn’t take care of Jannat and her two brothers, Mostafa and Sarwar. Desperate for help, their family brought the children to the Ibrahimpur Orphanage. 

Your tax-deductible gift helps keep our annual financial promise to orphans and students like Jannat. Your gift will save a life. 

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