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Superhero 5K 2022

The 12th Annual For Kids' Sake Superhero 5K is back! This year's Superhero 5K will be a hybrid race - you can join us at the starting line on Saturday, Oct. 8, at 9am at Turley Park (1010 N. Glenview Dr, Carbondale, IL) or run anywhere in the galaxy! 

Superheroes save lives, which is exactly what you do when you participate in this race. All proceeds benefit orphans and students in Bangladesh. Your $25 registration fee alone is enough to feed 35 kids a nutritious meal. Be a true Superhero, and fundraise for the kids: Click Here

What Will it Take?

This year, the boys living at the FKS Ibrahimpur Orphanage in Bangladesh need a new home. The current orphanage building is over 40 years old, and it is literally falling apart. The kids have evacuated half of the building already. There is an everyday worry about their safety. Unfortunately, we simply don’t have the funds to secure them a new home, yet.

It will take a minimum of $350,000 to build one new orphanage building. It will take $580,000 to build the new building and cover the regular ongoing care and education for the kids.


I hope at this point you’re wondering how you can help. Our response...

Afsana and Shahana

You make a difference for girls like Afsana. Looking at her and her sister's smiling faces, you would never guess the hardship they have faced. 


Life for these girls changed forever when their father suddenly lost his vision and was unable to work. Desperate to escape life-threatening poverty, their mother left behind her blind husband, 4-year-old Afsana, and 2-year-old Shahana. Read here to learn about how they made their way to the For Kids' Sake Ibrahimpur Orphanage.

Afsana and Shahana School.jpg