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Shakib, 14, Satbaria Orphanage

Shakib was just nine years old when his family could no longer care for him. After five years of living at the For Kids’ Sake (FKS) Satbaria Orphanage, he has three meals a day, a bed of his own, access to medical care, and an education. Shakib has everything he needs to succeed thanks to people like you.

When Shakib’s father died suddenly in a car accident, he left behind a grieving family. Shakib’s mother did her best to care for her five children, however, without an education, she was unable to find work. There wasn’t enough to eat, and they couldn’t afford to go to school.


In desperation, Shakib’s mother searched for help. She brought her son to the FKS Satbaria Orphanage, hoping he would have a better life.

Today, Shakib is thriving. Instead of worrying about getting enough to eat, he can spend time with friends and dream of a brighter future. He gets to attend a top-notch school where he enjoys language as his favorite subject. Without you, the Satbaria Orphanage and School would not be able to offer these life-changing services.

Your contribution today will provide Shakib and kids like him with all of their basic needs and education.

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