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May Peace Be with You,


My name is Ali Hussain. I have one brother and two sisters. My older brother is Nur Hussain. He and I live at the Ibrahimpur Orphanage, supported by For Kids’ Sake. 


One day, our mom died and our father left. We didn’t have parents anymore. We went to live with our grandparents. After some time, they got tired of us. They started to avoid us.


Our grandparents no longer wanted us. My brother and I had to move to the Ibrahimpur Orphanage, and my sisters moved in with our uncle.


They take care of us at Ibrahimpur. We get food every day, our own beds, clothes, and school supplies. We even get to go to school! Our caretakers here love us very much. They check on us every day to make sure we have everything we need. Now, we like the orphanage more than our old home.


My brother and I want to grow up to be scholars. We want to work at the orphanage to help other kids like us. Please keep us in your prayers so we can finish our education and succeed in life.


Kindly Yours,


Ali & Nur Hussain,

Ibrahimpur Orphanage*

Ali and Nur 3.jpg

Ali (left) and Nur Hussain (right)
Ibrahimpur Orphanage, May 2021

*Ali and Nur Hussain interview, May 6, 2021, FKS Ibrahimpur Orphanage


How You Can Help


Ali Hussain and his brother Nur Hussain have a tragic, but common story in Bangladesh. All the kids living in For Kids’ Sake (FKS) Orphanages have had to overcome dire situations. Without parents, these kids move from house to house under the care of different relatives until it becomes too much of a burden.


You can provide kids with a new home by donating monthly as a “Friend of For Kids’ Sake.” Living at a FKS orphanage is often the first stable home for many FKS kids. As a monthly donor your contribution is critical to guarantee that there are funds available for the kids to receive food, clean water, medical care, shelter, and an education without worry. 


Will you become a Friend of For Kids’ Sake today? 


$63 provides one kid, like Ali Hussain, with all of their basic needs and education for a month. Any amount you contribute will make a difference. Even $10 per month provides nutritious meals for brothers like Ali and Nur Hussain.

Perks of Being a Friend

When you sign up to be a Friend of FKS by July 31st, you’ll receive a free registration to the
11th Annual For Kids’ Sake Superhero 5K. This year’s event will be a hybrid race; supporters in 

Southern Illinois can run together in person while supporters worldwide can join virtually.


All Friends of For Kids’ Sake also receive:

• Private invitation to Annual Impact Review with U.S. and Bangladeshi Directors
   to learn the impact you’ve had on the kids’ lives over the course of a year

• Exclusive premier viewing of the Annual For Kids’ Sake Art Auction

• Special recognition at all in-person FKS Fundraising events

• The undying gratitude of the FKS team and the children in Bangladesh

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